What’s after Graduation? Job, Research or Entrepreneurship?

06 May

This week, we were pleased and honoured to have Dr. Maged Ghoneima, General Manager of Wireless Stars and Community Officer of Egypreneur, in a special two-hour session entitled “What’s After Graduation? Job, Research or Entrepreneurship?”. Here is a quick recap of it.

Dr. Maged started the session by illustrating some of the elements required for success in life; those included breaking the fear barrier, mentioning that the Egyptian revolution would not have succeeded if people did not break the fear barrier and that if we wanted to be that successful as a nation once again, we must reunite under the same goal. Also, another important element for success is NOT giving in to comfort; one of the most important aspects of successful entrepreneurs is that they have no fear of leaving their comfort zone.

One of the things that Dr. Maged stressed on was the importance of expanding our horizons, saying that there are opportunities for us in our everyday lives to become millionaires but we do not see them or just choose not to take them, and that we have to think about the prospects of the opportunities lying in front of us.

Dr. Maged talked about three things that if strongly present in Egypt, we would be the best country in the world, those things are: knowledge, collaboration and teamwork, and media. The most important of the three is media, as if media did not exist; both knowledge and collaboration would suffer. He also mentioned that up until now, we still do not own our own media, an example of this is the shutdown of the Third Intifada Page on Facebook. And that is why, he announced, he has been working with a team on creating the first ever social network for the Middle East that will be launched in about two weeks.

Dr. Maged then talked about entrepreneurship and the things you need to start a successful company, those things are business experience and knowledge of various kinds, especially of the concepts of assets and liability. He also mentioned that one of the important things when starting your own business is building a strong network of people in different fields, saying that your real asset is your network.

Hope you enjoyed our session for this week. Tell us what you think of it in the comments :)

Event pictures: Flickr.

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